A good wife is almost rare in this world. It is said that marriages are settled in heavens and celebrated on the earth. Marriage is a most sacred, beautiful and marvelous relation between two souls. A good wife is a most precious blessing of God. You do not have anything but you have a good wife, it means you have everything. A husband of a good wife is a most lucky person of the world. Wife is also called life partner. Friends! Try to understand its meanings. A person who shares the most precious thing of you I mean your life; he/she is your life partner. People even try to have good business partner then why should we not try to have a good life partner.

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10) She Seeks to Do the Right Thing and Have a Good Reputation.

A good wife knows what is right and what is wrong. She does not do anything which is prohibited in religion or society. A good wife has a strong conscience. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. A good wife has a good reputation in society.

 9) She Seeks to be a Hard Worker. 

 A good wife is not lazy. She is lively and dynamic. She works hard. If she is working at home she does not leave any stone unturned to make her house looking heaven. When  she brings up her children, she tries her best to make them good people of society. In this regard she does not depend on tutors or teachers. If she is working in an office, she makes glad her seniors by hardworking.

 8) She Seeks to Serve Others. 

She always tries to serve others. When she serves others, her spirit gets pleased. She likes to serve her parents, children, husband and husband’s parents. A good wife knows “to serve others” is a way leads to paradise.

 7) She Seeks to be careful in Financial Matters. 


A good wife  always tries to be modest while consuming. When she goes out for shopping she keeps it in her mind that what are the financial circumstances of her home. While purchasing something she considers her budget first. She is not miser or extravagant. She is modest. And modesty is a quality which God likes very much.

 6) She Seeks to be gentle and quiet. 

 A good wife is gentle and quiet. She does not manipulate by tears. She is not easily quarreling and fighting with husband and others. She is not argumentative. She is peaceful and gentle. She does not have negative traits.

 5) A Good Wife Seeks to Care for the Home. 

A good wife always cares her home, husband and children. She does not waste her time in watching TV or chatting on phone. She expertly manages her time. It does not mean she is not social. She is social too. But her first preference is her home.

 4) She always seeks to be Modest in Her Dress. 

 A good wife always tries to wear modest dress. She is not in the habit of flaunting her figures. When she goes to market she wears full dress. She knows that God emphasizes a beauty of the unseen character.She always dressed herself modestly, with decency and propriety. She always tries to look virtuous not seductive.

 3) She always seeks to be Truthful in Speech and motives. 

 Truth is a heavenly attribute. A best wife always tries to speak truth. She does not tell a lie. She knows God likes truth. She hates liars. Children brought up by her also do not tell a lie. She does not like hypocrisy and manipulation. She is truthful in her motives and aims.

2) She  seeks to be trustworthy


Good Character is a spirit of humankind. It is said that if you have character you have everything and if you do not have character you do not have any thing. Good character keeps one alive even he has died. The most precious wealth of women is her character. Success of a conjugal life is implicit in good character. She always seeks to be trustworthy and characterful. It is an utmost duty of a best wife to be sincere to her husband. God likes such women who are characterful and trustworthy.

 1) A Good wife alwaysijr behavior. 

 Top 10 qualities of a good wife

A good wife fears from God. She prefers God’s will over the endorsement of anyone else on earth. She avoids the things harmful to her conjugal life. She always tries to be polite and well mannered. She is not in the habit of back biting. She does not talk in harsh style. She is well wisher of her family.

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