Mothers who killed their children

Most of the mothers who killed their children were found psycho patient. A technical term “maternal filicide” is used when a mother kills her child. According to estimation about 200 women kill their children every year in U.S. For mothers the term ‘’kill’’ is most suitable rather than ‘’murder’’. The word ‘’murder’ has legal meaning and even mothers who deliberately kill their children often are found not guilty of murder by the reason of madness. Dr. Phillip Resnick conducted a study in the year 1969. He concluded that the mothers when kill their kids, about 68% are sent to mental hospital and only twenty seven percent are sent to prison. According to Dr. Phillip, when fathers kill their children twenty seven percent go to prison and only 14% are sent to hospital.

A United States department of Justice Study found in 1997 that children under the age of eight are most likely to be killed by their mothers. The children eight and older are likelier to be killed by their fathers. Sons are most likely to be killed as compare to daughters. Here, I have prepared a list of the mothers who killed their children.

15 Mothers who killed their children

China Arnold

10 mothers who killed their childrenChina Arnold of Dayton, OH stuffed her daughter into a microwave oven and burned her to death. Her daughter was only three week old. She did so after arguing with her boyfriend about the daughter’s biological father.

Diane Downs

10 mothers who killed their children

Diane Downs, mother of three children drove into a hospital emergency room. She pretended that her daughter had been injured by a car hijacker. Later, it was exposed that it was Diane Downs who had pulled the trigger and killed her seven year old daughter.

Brenda Drayton

Brenda Drayton was a 29 year old lady. She had been hospitalized for falling under the delusion that there were snakes in her body. She strangled her two year old daughter to death. She believed that her daughter was a ‘’Devil Baby’’. It is strange that a decade earlier her infant son had died of dehydration and malnutrition.

Shaquan Duley

 10 mothers who killed their children

In the year 2010, Shaquan Duley of South Carolina suffocated her two sons with her bare hands in a motel room before strapping them into car seats. She rolled them into a river.Dora Luz Durenrostro

10 mothers who killed their children

Dora Luz Durenrostro of San Jacinto, CA, in the year 1994, stabbed her three children to death. Two of which were daughters aged four and nine while one was son. The son was eight year old. According to a police officer, Dora Luz showed no sadness when they told her they had found the dead body of her third child.

Susan Eubanks

10 mothers who killed their children

Susan Eubanks, in her San Marcos, CA home, shot four of her sons, aged four, six, seven and fourteen. Susan Eubanks allegedly blamed her alcoholic parents for those murders.

Jeanette Hawes

Jeanette Hawes stabbed her three year old daughter Shakayla and one year old son Jordan to death in a convenience-store bathroom early in the year 2009. Jeanette was found not guilty due to her insanity.

Debra Jenner-Tyler

 10 mothers who killed their children

Debra Jenner Tyler stabbed her three year old daughter Abby Lynn seventy times by using a metal toy airplane and kitchen knife in the year 1987. Debra claimed that she had been working a lot and she was under a lot of stress. She killed her daughter as her daughter had been acting very finicky.

Michelle Kehoe

10 mothers who killed their children

Michelle Kehoe initially claimed that her two sons had been abducted. Later, she was found guilty of killing her own two sons. It happened in the year 2008. She was found guilty of murder by jury after hearing an audiotape of her son Sean. She duct-taped his eyes and mouth before slashing his throat. Michelle Kehoe had done the same to her two year old son Seth.

Deanna Laney

10 mothers who killed their children

Deanna Laney, in May 2003, led her two oldest sons outside her home. Her son Joshua was eight year old while younger one was six year old. She proceeded to smash in their skulls with a giant rock. Due to the reason of insanity, she was not found guilty by jury.

Christina Miracle

10 mothers who killed their children

Christina Miracle belonged to Miami Townshio, OH. She killed her son in a religious ceremony. The religious ceremony was obviously bizarre. Christina Miracle allegedly thought she was resurrecting her dead brother while baptizing her son. Her child was apparently beaten before being suffocated to death.

Frances Newton

 10 mothers who killed their children

21 year old Frances Newton took out life insurance policies on family members and herself. She belonged to Houston, Texas. In April 1987, she used her boyfriend’s gun to kill her seven year old son, her husband and 21 month old daughter. Frances Newton received the death penalty. She was from a lethal injection in 2005.

Robin Lee Row 

Robin Lee Row, in 1992, turned off the smoke alarm in an apartment where her estranged husband, eight year old daughter and ten year old son were living. She squirted a liquid accelerant all over the premises and set it ablaze killing all of them. Robin Lee Row had previously collected twenty eight thousand in a life insurance policy for her another son who had died in 1980. Apparently, he had died when his blankets caught fire from a portable heater.

Deena Schlossser

 10 mothers who killed their children

Deena Schlosser used a knife to amputate both arms of her eleven month old daughter. She killed her brutally. When police arrived Schlosser was singing a song to Jesus. By the reason of insanity, she was not found guilty.

Andrea Yates

10 mothers who killed their children

Andrea Yates, in June 2001, drowned all five of her children in the bathtub of her home. They were of aged seven year down to six months. She lived in Houston Texas. Andrea Yates told the police that Devil had ordered her to kill her children so that they could be saved from hell. She successfully enjoyed insanity plea like other killer moms.