10 Most Ugly Animals

Most ugly animals are found everywhere in the world. They are a part and parcel of wild life. Traditionally wildlife refers to non-domesticated animal species. Wildlife creatures can be found in desert, plains, forests, grasslands, rain forests even in most developed urban areas. God has filled this world with beautiful interesting and scary creatures as well. These creatures are no doubt responsible for many phobias. Some of such creatures are incredibly harmless. Only intimidate us with their horrific look. But keep it in mind that some of these scary creatures can be lethal. Here I have prepared a list of top 10 ugly Animals that will give you nightmares. These creatures will give you nightmares if you have a weak heart in your chest.

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10 Most Ugly animals In the World

10-Goliath bird eating tarantula

10 Most Ugly AnimalsIt is consider being the biggest spider in the world. Goliath bird eating tarantula, despite its name, rarely eats birds. There are a lot of poisonous spiders but they are less scary as compare to Goliath bird eating tarantula.


10 most ugly animalsBotfly is apparently not scary. It is not an ordinary fly. Yuck!  It can lay its larvae under our skin. Its larvae grow underneath our skin. Maggots grow in our flesh.

8-Sea pig

10 most ugly animalsSea pig cannot harm us but it is dreadful and scary. It is too much creepy and ugly. Real pigs are also a sample of ugliness. Compare sea pigs to regular pigs, real pigs will look like master pieces of beauty.


10 most ugly animalsGharials are larger than most crocodiles. Gharials have pretty distinct feature. They have a long narrow stout and sharp teethes. You would run like a crazy if you ever saw gharial. Gharial’s jaws cannot consume large humans and animals.

6-Vampire bat

10 most ugly animalsVampire bats are enough scary and hunt only during the night. It feasts on the blood of different mammals. Vampire bats are also known to attack humans.


10 most ugly animals

It is a Madagascar primate. It has a weird name and weird look also. Although Aye-aye is one of scary creatures in the world but it is pretty harmless to human. Do not stare it before going to bed otherwise this scary creature will give you nightmare night and even in the day.

4-Wolf fish

10 most ugly animalsAccording to my point of view wolf fish is one of the most ugly and scary wildlife creatures in the world

3-Goblin shark

10 most ugly animalsGoblin Shark lives at great ocean depth. It is so good. If this shard would have not been in depth of oceans people give up traveling in the seas 

2-Naked mole-rat

10 most ugly animalsThese little monsters can frighten a brave man in the night. These are usually found in East Africa.

1-Star nosed mole

10 most ugly animalsNature has created some crazy-looking animals and Star nosed mole is one of them. Star nose mole can give you nightmares. It cannot harm you. Its face, in short every part of body is scary.