10 Bizarre Mustache that should be trimmed, banned or stopped

The mustache is a style. It has sadly been demoted to ancient times. It is an old-fashioned and ridiculous historical object that’s looked upon with derision in this modern era. This facial style is supposed to be courtesy. A person who grows his mustache actually tells the world that there is something wrong with his personality.


Top 10 Most Bizarre mustache in the World

10- The Chevron

mustacheThe chevron is a tapered face-wedge that spits in your coffee, cold drink and tea. It knocks over your Tapas (If you are French). It make sweet love to you wife while you cry into your Vichyssoise. It is a traditional symbol of sex and confidence. If you look minutely, you will find that the Chevron-wearer are usually lean, absolutely incapable of putting up with bullshit and serious.

9- The Horseshoe

mustacheThe Horseshoe is a u-shaped track of hair. It says a million different things in a million different languages. This style is the staple of convicts and bikers. It is also a staple of general bad asses with poor impulse control across the globe. The wearer of this mustache looks like he has done time. He just does not know how to break the news to his father but his facial hair does. His face plays a game of charades with the world.

8- The Pencil

mustacheThe universal trademarks of drug kingpins, tango instructors and slightly effeminate assassins are pencil mustache. It looks like it is about to kill something in any case. Pencil mustache wearer looks like kind of pervert.

7- The Combination

mustacheThe combination is the wild card of the facial hair world. It comes in many kinds. For example; mutton chops, Mohawk, Beard and mustache, Cho Chos and soul patch. It works like a double sided bridge to your half beard or full beard. We pray for the razor that tries to tame such type of moustache. Wearer of this tries to hide as much face as possible behind his baroque hair illusion. He tells girls he is heavily into vintage woodworking.

6-The American Standard

mustacheIt is the default mustache for the USA. It is neither too thin nor thick. It is moderately groomed and centrally located. It is often used as part of required work uniform as seen on porn stars, highway patrolmen and managers of failing blockbusters. The wearer of this  looks a kind of sleazy and untrustworthy.

5-The Cowboy

mustacheNo doubt the Cowboy is a monster of a moustache. The Cowboy hangs pendulously from the face like an extra ballsack. It is pretty much what it is. If you look somebody wearing the Cowboy it means his body just did not have enough room for all the huevos he is rocking. So it is sprouted new ones.

4-The Devil

mustacheThe Devil style of  is the very emblem of evil. It is the sinister upward turn at the tips. In other words the sharp pointed goatee. It tells people you are not here looking for trouble but trouble is here looking for you. This particular brand of evil comes not from senseless destruction but it is a cold calculated brilliance. The wearer of this moustache does not kill people but let the people kill each other. He looks powerful, a businessmen, deal-maker or king maker. He also looks a magician to spoil the lives of his neighbors. He looks like a certified evil mastermind. He looks the representative of all the forces of devil and hell.

3-The Scraggler

mustacheIt is a natural, unpredictable and unplanned. It looks that someone has adhered this moustache on the upper lip of its wearer. Nobody knows why you love this mustache and why have you let you facial beauty uncompleted. Wearer of this mustache looks like a thief or mad. In the picture you can see Justin Bieber wearing this mustache.

2-The Finger

mustacheIt one of the is also an ugly mustaches. It looks like the combination of two broken and twisted fingers.

1-The Handlebar

mustacheThe handlebar, the disgusting facial hair fashion makes you a card-carrying member of the league of evil. After wearing the handlebar mustache you are fully capable of discussing philosophy and rigging dynamite to an oversize plunger. You look like an intelligent, brutal and unforgiving general. According to your mustache you are absolutely wanted by the police as you look criminal also. This moustache looks like a broken ankle bracelet.