1- (People’s Liberation Army of China) “Hot Potato” game with a real grenade

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

Military training is an intense business. It involves courage, precision and discipline. All these can be called upon in the midst of battle. The soldiers of People’s Liberation Army of China undergo a training exercise involves life and death game called “Hot Potato” with a live grenade. An incredible video shows Chinese troops stationed in Hong Kong passing a live explosive from one soldier to another. The last one finally throws the live grenade in the hole. After doing this the soldiers leap out of the way before it explodes. While escaping, they cover their heads for protection.

Military training

2- (Russian Special Forces)  Taking a shot to the chest

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

This military training is the part of a specialized Russian confidence training course. A retired U.S. Army Special Forces Operator named Larry Vickers first filmed the video below for a series called TAC-TV. This training technique includes shooting each other in the chest. During this training exercise some people get wounded slightly and some people just take hits to the vest. The rare idea behind this military exercise is to prepare the soldiers for the moment when they might be shot by enemy. Irrespective of the outcomes of this exercise, the brave soldiers must be able to return fire accurately and quickly.

While firing at the ground, the trainees push people away. They shoot at targets just inches from the volunteers playing innocent bystanders to show how stress effects soldiers’ concentration. The trainee must be able to stay calm and carry out his task despite these stressful surroundings.

3-U.S. Navy SEALs (Drown proofing Training)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

Some drills of Navy SEALs are craziest. This training is also called cold water conditioning.  The soldiers have their arms and legs bound as a part of “drown proofing”. The soldiers must bob up and down twenty times. They have to swim to shallow end of the pool and turn around without touching the bottom. They have to float for five minutes. The trainees have to swim back to the deep end. They have to do a forward and backward somersault underwater. The trainees have to retrieve a face mask from the bottom of the pool. While doing this, an instructor attacks a trainee in the pool to simulate a combative drowning victim.

4-U.S. Marines (Drinking cobra blood)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

The days have gone when an assault course and few push-ups were considered enough to prove a solder’s worth. Now drinking cobra blood and ripping the head of chickens with their bare teeth is the part and parcel of U.S. Marines’ training. They are taught how to kill venomous cobras by Thai naval instructors. The trainees are also encouraged to drink the animal’s blood including the venomous cobras. The soldiers have to kill a chicken by biting off its head and eating the tail of cobra.

5-People’s Liberation Army of China (Jumps through rings of fire)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

In this military training, the soldiers have to jump through rings of fire. During this scary training, a soldier in his uniform holds an assault rifle. This difficult training gives him the feelings and adrenaline rush of a real combat.

6-South Korean and Chinese soldiers (Breaking slabs of concrete with their heads)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

This is also one of the craziest military trainings in the world. In this training the soldiers have to break bamboo poles on the backs and smash bricks on their heads. Although this military training has few practical applications but it is very important to increase the confidence of soldiers.

7-Belarus Red Berets (Testing balance by walking over fires)

Testing balance by walking over fires (Belarus Red Berets)

Belarus Red Berets have to go through a battery of tests on an extreme course. They are undoubtedly tough guys. The assault course includes storming a high-rise building, hand-to-hand fighting and acrobatics. The instructors throw in extra challenges to make thing harder. The instructors try to knock new recruits off the balance beam with car tires and gunfire.

8-Taiwan Marines (Crawling along a path with jagged corals and rocks)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

This military training is called “Road to Heaven”. It is the final stage of nine-week intensive amphibious training program in Southern Taiwan. This training requires trainees to execute various exercises and crawl along 50-meter long path littered with jagged corals and rocks.

9-Israeli Defense Forces Military training (Jumping from skyscrapers and rappelling down the side)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

In Israel, a crazy military training exercise includes leaping in through the window. It is a precautionary measure to fight with the terrorist if they ever try to take hostages in a Tel Aviv skyscraper. Israel Defense force anti-terror unit has been doing jumping from the top of one of Tel Aviv’s sky touching buildings and rappelling down the side. The Trainees must block out each and every thing around them. They have to focus only on the window and wait for the command to move.

10-Dutch Royal Guard of Honor (Riding horses through thick plumes of smoke)

10 Hardest Military Training Exercises in the World

In this military training soldiers are trained with animals. It is all about guard of honor. The above picture shows members of the Dutch Royal Guard of Honor riding their horses through smoke bombs during a rehearsal.