10 foods that cause gas

10 foods that cause gas is the topic of this article. It is an unavoidable truth that everyone gets gas from time to time whether he would like to admit or not. Doctors say that gas is caused by the breakdown of food in digestive tract and swallowing air. In consequence, people burp, pass gas or feel bloated. A person averagely passes gas at least 14 times a day. You might have seen people have more gas than others which may be embarrassing and uncomfortable. This problem can easily be cured. We have to avoid foods that cause gas then we might be able to avoid gas. If you also experience a lot of bloating and gas, just change your eating priories and enjoy gas free feelings. Here we have listed 10 foods that cause gas. Avoid these gassy foods and enjoy a life which is gas free.

10 Foods that cause gas

1. Beans

10 foods that cause gas.When we think of foods that cause gas, definitely beans occupy the top of the list. According to the researches, beans contain raffinose (a complex sugar). Body feels trouble to digest raffinose. The raffinose passes through the small intestines into the large intestine. In the large intestine, bacteria break it down and hydrogen, methane gas and carbon dioxide is produced. Methane exists through the rectum. In order to reduce gas, beans can be soaked overnight. It is given no. 1 in this list of 10 foods that cause gas.

  1. Dairy Products

10 foods that cause gas.Experts say that increased gas is one symptom of lactose intolerance. The people who do not produce enough of the enzyme lactase cannot easily digest lactose. It is known as lactose intolerance. It (Lactose) is a sugar. It is found in milk and most of dairy products. If you feel that you are lactose intolerant, you are supposed to exclude dairy products from your menu. Try to replace nondairy items such as almond milk or soy dairy products. You may also take a lactase tablet before eating foods enriched with lactose. These given no.2 in this list of 10 foods that cause gas.Whole Grains

10 foods that cause gas.Whole grains (oats and wheat etc.) contain starch, fiber and raffinose. In the large intenstine, bacteria break them down. This process leads to gas. Rice is the only grain which do not cause gas.

  1. Vegetables

10 foods that cause gas.Asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are the vegitable which produce excess gas like beans. All the mentioned vegitables contain raffinose, a complex sugar. All these are the healthy foods, therefore consult your doctor before cutting eliminating theme from your menu.

  1. Sodas

10 foods that cause gas.All carbonated drinks and sodas add significantly to the amount of air your swallow. Whenver the air gets into digestive tract, the air has to pass through somehow. Sodas cause burping and may also increase how much gas we pass. If you swap soda from team, water, foods and juice may help you in reducing gas.

  1. Fruits

10 foods that cause gas.The fruits such as pears prunes, peaches and apples contain the sorbitol, alcohol and natural sugar. Body has trouble to digest such fruits. A lot of fruits have soluble fiber which is digested in large intestine by bacteria and hydrogen, methane gas and carbon dioxide is produced.

  1. Hard Candy

10 foods that cause gas.Like fruits, carbonated drinks and sodas, sucking on hard candy can cause to swallow extra air. A lot of candies also use sorbitol as sweetner. Candies also contribute to extra gas.

  1. Onions

10 foods that cause gas.Although Onion is very useful food but it also contains a natural sugar which called fructose. Fructose also contributes to gas when bacteria in the intestines break it down.

  1. Chewing Gum

10 foods that cause gas.Chewing gum make you swallow more air. Although gum seems an unlikely source for gas but many sugar-free gums are also sweetened with sugar alcohols. These sugar alcohols are harder to digest. Mannitorl, xylitol and sorbitol in are harder to digest. Consult your doctor, he will recommend you to stop chew gum in order to reduce gas.

  1. Processed Foods

All packaged goods are the processed foods. These foods are salad dressing, snack foods, breads, cereal and many more. These foods contain a variety of ingredients such as fructose and lactose. Gas can be increased by this combination so try to reduce these things from your foods in order to reduce gas.