10 Best Ways to Make Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer


make your cell phone battery last longer
Make your cell phone battery last longer

Here, we are going to the 10 best ways to make you cell phone battery last longer. New smart phones and mobile phones are real battery hogs. The days have gone when mobile phone could survive for a week on a single charge. With the increasing technology, today’s phones are not only phones but pocked size computers. These mini computers allow us to play 3D games, video chat with friends, enjoy internet and navigate around the world without ever stopping to ask anyone for direction. These days, the problem associated with these mini computers is battery duration. The battery duration on most smart phones and mobile phone has yet to catch up with the high battery consumption. And it has become a hallmark of most apps and features, in the modern world. To make your cell phone battery last longer you have to act upon all the below mentioned tips. Here, we have prepared a list of top 10 best ways to make your cell phone battery last longer. To make your phone last longer, try the below mentioned steps if really you’re stuck with fast-fading battery.

Make your cell phone battery last longer
Lets have a glance over 10 tips to make your cell phone battery last longer

1-Power Off when not needed:

If you are going to sleep or do not have reception then turn your phone off. It is easiest way to save battery life. Also try to do so after your business hours. In this way you will not have to charge your cell phone or smart phone again and again. It is the most important way to make your cell phone battery last longer.

2-Turn off vibration, Bluetooth, key tones and Wi-Fi:

All these things, e.g. vibration, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and key tones are power-hungry features. Always try to disable them when you do not need. Vibration is also power-hungry as swinging a little weight is a lot of work and a premiere power drainer. Set your ringtones to low volume and key tones off. Vibration is not necessary so keeping it off will enhance your battery life. It is another best way to make your cell phone battery last longer.

3-Avoid Flash Photography:

Turn off the option of flash photography. Even a little flash uses lots of energy. If you are taking multiple shots in a row then your phone battery will not be last longer. Avoid all these things.

4-Lower the screen brightness of your phone and turn off notifications & syncing:

Just like laptops, smart phones and cell phones can save power in this way. By doing this you can save up to 15% charging. Try to limit your notifications to what is actually important. Try to keep automatic syncing to a minimum as notifications and background syncing are not most important to use your phone. Their constant use consumes a good deal of energy.

5-Close Applications:

Applications consume an adequate amount of battery charging. If applications are not in use, shut them down. Non essential application run in the background and consume battery therefore it is worth to shut all the unnecessary application down.

6-Optimum use with update Apps regularly

It is another important tip to make your Cell phone battery last longer. Optimum use of phone will make your phone battery last long. Playing games, scrolling through pictures, using internet, video chatting and watching video all suck up your phone’s power. Avoid their unnecessary use. Many updates are often updated to increase their battery efficiency and utilize less power. So it is best to switch on automatic updates or download them to have a greater control over the updating. Try to turn down the updating frequency for all of your applications such as email, twitter and face book etc. It is useless to get Facebook updates every 5 minutes.

7-Turn the phone off if you are not in signal area:

In the area with poor reception, phone continually searches for signal. During search for signal phone consumes battery. There are two ways to save the battery’s power; either switch it to airplane mode or turn the cell or smart phone off. I think it is the most important tip to make your cell phone battery last longer.

8-Do not let the battery to be deep discharge: 

The life of the battery gets decreased if it is used until it is dead. Try to avoid placing unwanted strain on your battery by charging it before the battery fully discharges of its power. It is a best technique to make a battery last long. It is the 8th most important way to make your cell phone battery last longer.

9-Keep the phone out of the heat:

It is another good technique to improve the timing of your battery. Do not keep your phone anywhere with hot temperature including room, office, car and hotel etc. 

10- Turn off GPS tracking and limit the screen timeout: 

Turn your GPS tracking off because triangulating your position via radio waves and satellites will eat away at your battery like no other. It is strongly suggested to turn off your GPS when using maps and unless you are actively using your cell phone for navigation or other services that require it Use it only when you need to avail navigation and location services. Also try to set the timeout to the shortest available in your settings so the display will go into sleep mode when not in use. It is the last tip of our list to make your cell phone battery last longer.