10 amazing facts about same sex marriage in the world

10 amazing facts about same sex marriage

Same sex marriage

Fact No. 1: Same sex marriages were legalized first by Netherlands in the year 2001.

Fact No. 2: 13 more countries including Spain Belgium, Sweden, South Africa, Denmark and Canada legalized such type of marriage.

Fact No. 3: Massachusetts is the first US state to legalize same-sex marriage. Gay marriage and lesbian marriage was legalized in the years 2004 in Massachusetts.

Fact No. 4:  President Obama made USA history when he told ABC news that same sex marriage is not wrong and such type of couples should be able to get married. He also suggested to ask people to show their support for this purpose.

Fact No. 5: In the year 1998, Hawaii and Alaska became the first US states to legally ban same – sex marriage.

Fact No. 6: Almost 16 US states banned same sex marriage. Some states banned such same – sex marriages by law, some banned by constitutional amendment and the majority of states banned by both.

Fact No. 7: According to an unofficial census in the year 2014, 55% Americans said that same sex marriage should be legalized.

Fact No. 8: The Supreme Court struck down parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and ordered that the federal government should legalize such type of marriage

Fact No. 9: Including Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan, in many countries lesbians and gay people are punished with the death penalty. Including Wisconsin, Hawaii, Oregon, Maine, Nevada and California, seven US states provided some spousal rights to unmarried couples.

Fact No. 10:  Until 2000s, gay marriages and lesbian marriages were not legal but still gay and lesbian couples got married on TV shows. “Sitcom” featured a gay marriage in the 1995. “Friends” also featured a lesbian marriage in 1996.